Company Advantage

Company Advantage

Forward-looking information

Rooted in Shenzhen--the largest distribution center of electronic components in the world, picking up the latest information in the electronic industry chain. We also conduct comprehensive surveys and in-depth analysis of industrial development trends, application hotspots, market prices and market conditions. We can quickly and effectively discover potential resources around the world and reduce procurement costs.

Rich and reliable channel&spot resources

With many years’ industry experience, we have accumulated rich and reliable channel resources. These not only help us to find out low prices quickly and effectively, but also ensure that all parts are GENUINE.

Fast and safe logistics platform

Fast and safe logistics platform, which can complete the delivery of goods in the shortest time.


Regular source supply analysis Monthly Evaluation New source Evaluation(Qualification Evaluation, Risk Evaluation) Incoming Analysis Monthly Evaluation SQM is the first process of our quality control system, to control risk in the very beginning is the most important and most efficiency for reduce risk and reduce the risk controlling cost.


We promise customers a quality guarantee period of more than 90 days. During this period, if customer has doubt about the quality of any products we sell, please be sure to follow our RMA return process to ensure that we can provide you with the most timely solution.